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Knock Again

Updated: May 16, 2020

When we finally met, our conversation wasn’t what you would consider cordial. Now, it’s just my opinion but, I think “....I was tired of you calling me.” fits nicely in the rude category.

Honestly, I can’t say that I blame her. let’s call her Agnes

She told me to call at 1:00pm, I called at 12:30 until I:15 ish and left more than a few messages. Agnes said, “Call next Tuesday.” I might or might not have called everyday until I reached her. This went on for more than 3 months. I would have been tired to me too.


After two years of searching and applying for summer interns, I was coming up short. By the time I saw the CNN opportunity, I was already in my third year of college. Everything about the intern seemed perfect, except for the fact that it was only offered during winter quarter.

Have you ever met those girls that prefer the nice straight neat lines? Well, I was an active member of their club. So, taking a quarter out of school and graduating past the anticipated date created curvy chaotic lines that made me dizzy. My counselor put things in perspective when he asked, “Who cares if you graduate in 4 years or 4 years and a quarter?” Before I could respond he said, “Nobody! Take the internship, come back and finish your degree.” His wisdom forced me outside of my comfort zone. But, I was determined not to let the opportunity slip away. So I after applying for the position, I prayed, called, left way too many messages, sent letters and repeated the process over and over again.


Some things come easy. It’s as if the Lord simply places them in our laps. While others require that we throw our whole selves at them. Jesus gives us a clear word picture in Luke 11:5-10. He introduces us to a man that knocks repeatedly on his friend’s door with “shameless audacity”. In essence, the man was willing to take a bold risk and get on his friend’s nerves in order to get what he needed.

The goal of the parable was to teach the disciples about the importance of being persistent in prayer. Sooo....since we’re on the topic, how is your prayer life? Is it vibrant and fulfilling? Or are you discouraged because,you haven’t seen any changes in your circumstances? Do you feel like your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling and falling flat on the floor? If you do, it’s ok to admit it. God already knows anyway.

For just a moment, let’s consider the goal of prayer. After all, it’s not really about getting the things we desire. The main purpose of prayer is to have fellowship with the Father. Spending time with God quiets the noise of the world and helps us become acquainted with His voice. Prayer brings us in alignment with His plan and purpose. My friend, it‘s so much more about Him and a lot less about us.


Yeah I got the internship at CNN ( that’s me the second from the left )but, it took a lot to get there. As it turns out, it wasn’t so much about me getting the intern. It was more about what I needed to learn in the process. that’s a story for another time


I can’t promise that the Lord will answer your prayers exactly the way you want. But, I am certain that if you consistently show up, He will meet you. And if you continue to knock and knock again, you’ll discover that you have a faithful and loving father. I believe that’s far greater than anything we can ask for. Don’t you agree?

Your Sister Friend,


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