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God Remembers

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

The goal was to write and produce shows that were full of discovery and warmed the heart. And traveling the world....well that was the ice cream on top of the cake.

As a teenager that was my dream, until reality set in. All too soon I found out those opportunities were reserved for journalists with loads of experience ... which I didn’t have.

So I put the dream on the shelf and started a different yet similar path. Years passed. And life, as it does, piled in. I’m not sure when it happened but, somewhere along the way I forgot about what was once my heart's desire.


Not too long ago, one of my clients asked if I’d be interested in working on a new project. They needed someone to write and produce content for an uplifting informative thirty minute talk show. I asked her to give me a few days to pray about it.

During my prayer time, the Lord’s response was “Isn’t this what you asked me for?” At first I was a little confused and then he reminded me of what I’d asked for seemingly a life time ago. I’d forgotten, but He remembered.


"God remembered..." I absolutely love this little phrase.

Like a treasure hidden in plain sight, these two words introduce us to Rachel's miraculous news in Genesis 30:22 and they activate the long awaited deliverance for Noah in Genesis 8:1.

Interesting enough, when the scripture tells us that God remembered, it has nothing to do with forgetting. God doesn't have to be reminded of our existence, our pain or our struggles. He's aware of it all.

According to compelling, "When the Bible says God "remembered," the original Hebrew verb is zakar. Zakar does mean "to remember," but it also means "to bring someone to mind and then act upon that person's behalf." The Hebrew idea of remembering always includes acting on behalf of the one brought to mind."

You might want to read this again .... "remembering always includes acting on behalf of the one brought to mind." Now, if this doesn't make you want to break out in a dance, I don't know what will.


I'm not sure how long you've prayed for your unsaved loved ones. I don't know how many times you've asked God to give you a child or end your financial struggles? And only you know the years you've begged God to heal your body, fill your life with love or restore a relationship. But I do know that God remembers. He remembered Noah, Abraham, Rachel and Hannah. And, I'm trusting that he will remember you.

As I'm writing I'm thinking of you. I'm praying that God will act on your behalf. I'm praying that he will give you beauty for ashes and joy instead of sorrow. - Isaiah 61: 3

Would you join me? Just drop your first name in the comment section. I will pray for you. And, I'm asking you to pray for the sister friend whose name is directly above yours. Let’s do this together and trust the God who remembers.

Your Sister Friend,

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