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Your Mic is Hot

It wasn’t the first time. Actually, it was a common occurrence. My coworker, we’ll just call him Barry, would claim that I failed to complete a commercial production work order according to specifications. Strangely enough, I would have the proof of my compliance in his handwriting on my desk. In spite of the evidence, the scenario would always play out the same. I would have to stay after work to revise a commercial. Barry would get what he wanted. And then, we would start the process all over again. yeah I was looking for another job

Usually this exchange would take place in my office or my supervisor's area. But on one occasion it happened in a rather centralized location. other folks were around

Barry begin his normal routine and this time started yelling...furious side eye

Now let me just say, when I start a sentence off with, "Who are you talking to?" things start spiraling pretty fast. pray my strength in the Lord

After I told him what was and was not going to happen, I walked back to my office.....fuming.

That night we had revival. I couldn't wait to get into God's presence and pour my heart out. Feeling completely justified, I knelt down to pray, but before I could get the words out I heard, “Don’t pray!”Go apologize to Barry in the same place, in front of the same people and then come back.” chile, you could have bought me for a penny

While Barry was wrong, I had jumped over in the ‘won’t do right’ basket with him. God handed me the mic to be an example of Christ. But I missed it. you can say ouch or amen

By now you know God was teaching me something through this exchange. So, keep reading.


God Is My Defender

After way too long, it hit me. I was completely missing the point. It wasn’t about Barry or me. All along the enemy was after my witness. You know his job is to discredit us “Kingdom Girls". - Rev. 12: 9 -11

But more importantly, God was trying to form his character in me. And since I was not cooperating, God was gracious enough to keep giving me the same test over and over again. sigh

Does it mean that you have to be a doormat? No ma'am! But there's a right way and a wrong way to do everything. did your mama ever tell you that?

Psalm 66:18 declares, "If a man’s ways please the Lord, He will make even his enemies be at peace with him." Notice that our only responsibility is to please God. That's it! We don't have to strive to make our own way. God is our defender! He knows how and when to make crooked places straight. Plus, he's already gone before us and he is with us! - Deuteronomy 31:8

I get it. Relying on God to fight your battles takes a ton of faith, especially when you're accustomed to handling things on your own. But, he’s able to work things out far better than you could ever imagine. Just take a deep breath, relax and let God be God.


So did I apologize? Girl yes! Now, I felt about as big as a baby ant, but I did it. And this time when my mic was hot, my behavior matched my confession as a believer. Obeying God gave me the stage to share the gospel with the other folks in the room. And the second night of prayer you know who was at the altar.

Oh and let me just say that the next time I had an issue with Barry, I stepped aside and let God handle it. I was as quiet as a mouse, except for a little snickering on the inside. That day I went home on time. spinning and twirling

Not long afterwards, I received a call from another company asking if I would come in for an interview. The manager said that he had been hearing about me for three years... which was the same length of time I had been on my job. well just bless my soul

Are you being treated unfairly? Are you loosing ground trying to change or fix your circumstances on your own? Maybe God wants you to give the situation over to him.

Somewhere in the midst of your adversity there‘s a mic. Will you have your say or will you let God have his?

Your Sister Friend,


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