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Tune My Ear

Our journey usually began after the sun retreated from the sky. As we passed through the bright city lights to the calm of the country, we talked. Well, I did most of the talking. Daddy listened, asked questions and offered new perspectives. I loved our travel chats.


Several years later, multiple strokes ravaged his body including his speech. It became difficult for him to communicate and even more so for us to understand. “Say it again.” was a phrase I said far too many times. Feelings of frustration and disappointment were not lacking. The silence was loud.

For years I’ve heard Mark 10:27 “…all things are possible with God.” So my prayer was simple. “God tune my ear to Daddy’s speech.”

Waiting for a miracle is well…you already know….so, in the mean time, I concentrated on the practical. When he spoke, I paused, leaned in and gave my full attention. Did the circumstances change instantly? No, it took a while. But somewhere along the way, the extraordinary happened. All of a sudden, I understood! It was as if I surfed past several static radio stations and found his voice.


I wanted to understand my Daddy, but even more so, I long to commune with our Heavenly Father. Surprisingly, the methods are the same. The Lord speaks to us in many ways but, the burden of intentionality is ours. When we make the decision to pause and create space to hear, the doors of fellowship swing open.

Oh I know…there’s always something to do, someone that needs your attention or a deadline that has to be met. But when life kicks into overdrive, it’s a clear indication that we need to lean in and give God our full attention. What does that look like? Maybe it’s as simple as getting up fifteen minutes earlier for prayer, attending a local Bible Study or reading and memorizing scripture on your lunch break.

These little things seem insignificant, but they are well worth the effort. Just one word from the Lord is priceless.


It’s been quite some time since Daddy and I had our travel chats. He finished his journey before sunrise not long after his birthday. It seems only fitting that he traveled with the night sky.

Thankfully our Father still speaks. Yet there are times when his voice seems distant, muffled and somewhat distorted. Does this sound familiar? Are you having difficulty hearing from God? If so, lets pray.


Lord, I desire to hear and comprehend the words you speak. Please quiet my thoughts and help me become more sensitive to you. I welcome your truth, wisdom, encouragement and correction. Today I choose to pause and lean into your presence. Father tune my ear to you and drown out every voice that competes for my attention. Speak Lord! I am listening.

In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Your Sister Friend,

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