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Lean a Little More

Photo credit Ruth D. VanLowe Smith

The curves and roundabouts (British term for traffic circles) seemed endless. All throughout the day we were led from one beauty to the next. Bermuda proved to be amazingly breathtaking. By far, it was more than I imagined. The flowers, the beaches, the turquoise water and the hospitality it surpasses Southern Hospitality, if you can imagine that were just the right combination for a spectacular vacation.

Frank and I had only been married 4 years and it was our first trip out of the country as a couple. Of course, we were the typical tourists....taking in the island on scooters. It was the perfect way to sightsee. But since my scooter skills were not up to par that's putting it lightly, Frank was the designated driver. He braved driving on the left side of the roads for the most part with ease. But those roundabouts posed a problem. Once we came out of the turn, Frank would make his way to the right side of the road ... which would have been fine if we were in the States. But, we were actually supposed to be on the left side. All the while, I was being quite the back seat driver, saying, "Left!" in a not so calm voice. If that wasn't enough, there was the issue of making the curves. As we went into the curves, the back wheel sort of struggled and when it did, Frank would encourage me to lean a little more. It never failed, when I leaned with the same intensity as he did, we zoomed around the island with zero problems. While we were having the time of our lives....the Lord was teaching me lessons on marriage that I've never forgotten and want to share with you. So here you go!


Life is full of curves, problems, situations and tragedies, so travel through them together. Let's face it. You can love God, be filled with the Spirit...don't smoke or chew or hang with those that do and still have trouble. None of us are exempt. The scripture reminds us in John 16:33 that we will have trouble. But, in the same passage, Jesus offers us some good news, "I have over come the world." Think about it, if Jesus has already overcome and He lives in you ... that makes you an overcomer. So, instead of allowing situations to drive you apart, cling to God and each other. You'll reach the straight away if you keep moving forward.

Lean with the same intensity. Now, that doesn't mean that you always agree. I mean...who does that?! But, you can make the commitment to find common ground as long as it's not sin but, you already knew that and once you do, give it your all. Take a few moments and mediate on Colossians 3:23 - "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people." - Good News Translation

Did you hear that? You are working and serving the Lord, not just your husband. Taking this scripture to heart really gives you a healthy perspective on your marriage.

God uses curves to lead us to beautiful places. It might not look like it but, God is weaving something wonderful in your life. In Psalm 119:71, David said that it was good that he had been afflicted. Now, I don't know about you but, I wouldn't call running from a King that was trying to kill me good. But, what came out of it was good. - 2 Samuel 5:4

Do you feel like your life, your marriage, or your career is in a major curve? Whatever your circumstances are right now, God knows. Really he does! And he will be faithful to work it out for your good. So, trust God in the curves and lean a little more.

Your Sister Friend,


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