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God's Business

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

It was as if I’d skipped days of laundry. There were piles...some big and others not so much. They were filled with requests, problems that needed answers and thoughts that were confined to my mind waiting to be spoken. A heart to heart with Jesus was long overdue.

Finally I was able to settle down in God’s presence. Right away I felt the nudge to pray for a lady I met years ago. We had a brief conversation about a business project but, hadn't spoken in quite a while. I whispered a prayer and turned my attention to my list of cares. A few moments later there it is was again. This time it was stronger and I sensed that I should call.

Now, I don’t know about you but, I usually don’t call people other than family or friends before 8am. And honestly, I didn’t even know what I was supposed to pray. But, the urge didn’t leave. I knew it was God.


I stumbled through a little small talk and then asked if she had time for prayer. Let me just say ...God showed up! Afterwards she shared that normally she wouldn’t have been home. In an effort to gain clarity concerning major decisions, she took the day off. One of her requests was that God would place her on someone’s heart that wasn’t in her circle. And, then I called.

I didn’t know her circumstances but, the Lord directed me to specifically pray about them.

By the time we finished, my day was calling. There was no time to unload the things I was carrying. Swinging by the Post Office was on my to do list. I managed to make a quick dash before closing. On the way out, a man greeted me and took a moment to talk. But, it wasn’t just a casual conversation.

Encouragement and wisdom flowed from him effortlessly. He spoke about things that only God and I knew. As he turned to walk away, I asked his name. His response was “Bro. Paris, like the city.” Now going to Paris has been at the top of my Adventure List for a while. I knew God was giving me a wink.


I thought I ran out of time earlier and barely made it to the post office. But I didn’t.

My schedule was in sync with God’s plan. He graced me to obey that morning and met me that afternoon.

Naturally we’re concerned about things and people that are close to our hearts. But, it’s not supposed to be our priority. Jesus helps us with our perspective in Matthew 6:33, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

In essence, our primary goal is to pursue what pleases the Father and put him in front of everything and everybody. While we're taking care of God's business, he'll take care of ours. Do you believe that? Just in case you’re struggling with this truth ... at times we all do ... here are a few reminders you can meditate on today.


If you're overwhelmed by a load of cares and wondering if God sees .... He does.

And, if it seems like your issues are being ignored...they're not.

Take a moment to whisper a prayer of surrender. Offer your heart, your hands and your gifts to the one that loves you most.

I pray that God will use you for his glory. And as you submit to his agenda, I trust that he'll take care of everything that concerns you. wink

Your Sister Friend,

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