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I’m amazed at how time and life experiences transform our desires and values. More and more it becomes apparent that my real treasures are unable to be confined to a neatly wrapped package. It’s the moments and memories that matter.

So naturally when my friends invited me to join them on a road trip to the Joyce Meyer Conference on my birthday, I knew God was showing me a special kind of love.

I was familiar with everyone on the ministry team for the weekend except for Natalie Grant. But oooh let me tell ya, after she sang Isn't He ... I knew we were worship friends.

The second time Natalie took the stage, she shared that God was leading her to change what she had planned on singing. I will trust You here was the verse that God used to water my dry places. What a powerful confession and comforting reminder.

In spite of my “here”, I can depend on the Faithful God, and so can you. I’ve had the song on repeat since the conference. Take a listen and worship with me. Leave a comment if it blesses you too.

Your Sister Friend,


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Sandra Franklin
Sandra Franklin
Jan 09, 2019

Thanks for your encouragement Sherrie! ❤️


Wow! Sandra, this is an awesome work of God that you have begun. I am equally excited and proud of you. Yes, it was a wonderful experience with sisters in Christ!


Sandra Franklin
Sandra Franklin
Jan 05, 2019


I totally agree with you. It was a wonderful time with God and friends. Thanks so much for the encouragement. :)


Have you ever been lost in a huge mall and didn’t know where you were..... or how to get to where you wanted to go? That’s how I felt over a year ago. The Joyce Meyer Conference felt like finding that big, interactive map in the mall with the arrow labeled “You are here” ( no coincidence). It was a wonderful experience and I know that he spoke to each of us. I believe that the picture represents many things, but it definitely represents your new blog. It represents sisters in Christ coming together and pointing their energy inward to focus on Him and each other. I am so proud of you and excited to see what he will show…

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