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Our journey usually began after the sun retreated from the sky. As we passed through the bright city lights to the calm of the country, we talked. Well, I did most of the talking. Daddy listened, asked questions and offered new perspectives. I loved our travel chats.


Several years later, multiple strokes ravaged his body including his speech. It became difficult for him to communicate and even more so for us to understand. “Say it again.” was a phrase I said far too many times. Feelings of frustration and disappointment were not lacking. The silence was loud.

For years I’ve heard Mark 10:27 “…all things are possible with God.” So my prayer was simple. “God tune my ear to Daddy’s speech.”

Waiting for a miracle is well…you already know….so, in the mean time, I concentrated on the practical. When he spoke, I paused, leaned in and gave my full attention. Did the circumstances change instantly? No, it took a while. But somewhere along the way, the extraordinary happened. All of a sudden, I understood! It was as if I surfed past several static radio stations and found his voice.


I wanted to understand my Daddy, but even more so, I long to commune with our Heavenly Father. Surprisingly, the methods are the same. The Lord speaks to us in many ways but, the burden of intentionality is ours. When we make the decision to pause and create space to hear, the doors of fellowship swing open.

Oh I know…there’s always something to do, someone that needs your attention or a deadline that has to be met. But when life kicks into overdrive, it’s a clear indication that we need to lean in and give God our full attention. What does that look like? Maybe it’s as simple as getting up fifteen minutes earlier for prayer, attending a local Bible Study or reading and memorizing scripture on your lunch break.

These little things seem insignificant, but they are well worth the effort. Just one word from the Lord is priceless.


It’s been quite some time since Daddy and I had our travel chats. He finished his journey before sunrise not long after his birthday. It seems only fitting that he traveled with the night sky.

Thankfully our Father still speaks. Yet there are times when his voice seems distant, muffled and somewhat distorted. Does this sound familiar? Are you having difficulty hearing from God? If so, lets pray.


Lord, I desire to hear and comprehend the words you speak. Please quiet my thoughts and help me become more sensitive to you. I welcome your truth, wisdom, encouragement and correction. Today I choose to pause and lean into your presence. Father tune my ear to you and drown out every voice that competes for my attention. Speak Lord! I am listening.

In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Your Sister Friend,

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My weekend trips home began the same way. After the hugs, my Grandmama would say “Are you ok? Sit down … let me look at you.” She sat in her favorite chair. I sat on the sofa. And she looked … and looked…and ….

It wasn’t a casual glance. Mrs. Adell’s gaze was the “impolite” one your Mom reprimanded you about when you were younger. Intense and probing are probably the most accurate words to describe her stares. They were unsettling yet filled with an incredible amount of love.


After an uncomfortable amount of time, if there was anything weighing on my heart, she knew. She discerned and dismantled what my outward appearance portrayed. She saw me. And responded with a sweet invitation…“Tell Grandmama about it.”


The Bible doesn’t give us the exact number of people at the pool of Bethesda.- John 5:1-9 John simply describes the scene as a “multitude”of blind, lame and paralyzed people waiting to be healed.

In the midst of the crowd, Jesus saw this one man. And not only did he see him, he knew his struggles. His name remains a mystery yet both the man and his plight were significant to Jesus. If we’re completely honest, isn’t that what we want… to be seen and known?



It’s what Hagar needed. Desperation drove her to the desert because she could no longer endure Sarai’s harsh treatment. Then El Roi, The God who sees, met her. And unlike the ones she served, he understood the full extent of her pain.


The weight of suffering can immobilize us making isolation our home. But even there, we’re not alone. God loves us too much to ignore the burdens we bear.

Just like the man at the pool and Hagar, your circumstances are not hidden from God’s view. He sees and extends the invitation to unload your cares.


My Grandmama was able to see me but, with God we are more than seen. He sees and delivers and heals and saves and so much more.

So I’ll go ahead and ask….Are you ok? Has your season of difficulty been far too long? Are you being treated unfairly? God sees.

I encourage you to take a seat in his presence. Stay there, even if it’s uncomfortable. Allow the Lord to gaze at you. And tell him all about it.

Your Sister Friend,

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It was a wonderful invitation. The owner of a major Christian Company opened her doors to our mentoring group so we could glean and grow.

I admired the simplistic beauty of Glory Haus. So yes! Most definitely yes! I was looking forward to soaking up every word Molly had to say.

When we arrived the team was gathered in worship. Hands were extended and the presence of the Lord was literally resting in our midst. Oh yeah you heard right. They scheduled time for worship during the work day. Automatically I knew these were my people.

During the tour, Molly shared how the Lord guided her in developing the Glory Haus team. He gave her the names of friends that would take the journey with her but, there was a catch. She couldn’t ask them to join. She had to wait until they suggested the idea to her. And even though it took a while, one by one the team was formed. Throughout our visit, there were several stories with a consistent theme. God spoke. Molly obeyed. Her business grew.

As I reflected on the day, I was reminded of Jesus' earthly father, Joseph. We don’t talk about him a lot but, I believe his life beautifully exemplifies obedience.

I’ll give you the short version of Matthew 1:18-25 but, when you have a moment grab your favorite drink, a quiet corner and sit down with this text.


Here’s the skinny. Joesph was in the midst of what I would call a hot mess. He was engaged to Mary when he found out she was pregnant. And to make matters even worse, Joseph wasn't the father.

Now because of the circumstances, Joseph decided to break off the engagement with Mary. But, he didn't want to expose her to shame or harm. So Joseph planned to put Mary away "quietly" v. 19

When he went to sleep, an angel visited him in a dream. Joseph was given specific instructions. v 20-23. And, as soon as he woke up, Joseph did exactly what the angel of the Lord told him to do.

Now mind you, this wasn't just an isolated incident. Joseph had this obedience thing down to a science. Again in Matthew 2:13 -14 and v.19-21, the angel of the Lord gave him instructions. And like before, as soon as Joseph woke up, he responded with obedience.


How many times has God spoken to us but, we question or procrastinate? We say things like, "It's too hard.", "What will people say?" or "I'm not qualified". But honestly, these are just dressed up excuses for disobedience. Did that just grab you?

Transparency alert! Right now I feel like I should be writing "I will obey" 25 times on somebody's chalk board. I'll share my chalk if you'd like.

Ok, so where are you on the obedience scale? Are you rocking and rolling with Joseph and Molly? Or are you like me and need some improvement in this area? Well, here are a few practical steps I believe we can take to help us walk out a life of obedience.


Go to sleep. Yep! Get some rest. - Did you notice it? Every time the angel came to deliver the Word of the Lord, Joseph was asleep. Ask God to calm you down so you

can rest not just physically but, mentally and emotionally. My friend it's difficult to think clearly or be in a position to hear from God when we're exhausted. - Psalm 127: 2

Open wide. Ask the Lord to open your eyes so you can see what he wants you to see. Allow him to penetrate your heart and your mind and take complete control. And, be willing to receive whatever he has to say.

Move now. Not tomorrow. Not next week or next year. But, whenever God speaks, challenge yourself to move right then. Don't even give yourself the option of later.


Joseph's obedience gave him the opportunity to shepherd the heart of our Saviour. Molly's obedience has created lovely home decor and jewelry that shares the good news of Jesus around the world.

So the next time God speaks, obey not because it makes sense or fits into your life plan but, just because He said so. And, watch the beauty of obedience unfold.

Your Sister Friend,

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