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The Stretch

Books stores have always aroused mixed emotions for me. It’s sort of a love hate relationship. Part of me is fascinated by the opportunities to discover something new. The other part is discouraged by all of things that I have yet to learn. Anyhoo, I’ve resigned myself to delving into one book at a time.

Recently after seeing Lisa Harper at a conference, I knew I wanted to hear more of what she had to say. The title of her book immediately caught my attention,mostly because I'm all too familiar with being Overextended. But even more so, I wanted to understand how to love and embrace life with a plate that’s full and often overflowing.

I thought I had a busy schedule until, Lisa gave me a peek into her world. She is stretched like Elastigirl from the Incredibles. In comparison, I might as well be lying on a beach in the Caribbean sipping fruit smoothies. oh Lord let it be soon

Throughout the pages of Overextended, Lisa has masterfully managed to combine a good dose of theology, engaging transparent stories and laugh out loud humor.

But, it’s not just your ordinary feel good read. Lisa challenges you to experience everything God has for you by jumping into His will with both feet. Often times it requires so much more than you think you have to give.

Are you operating on fumes? Do you feel as though life's challenges are pulling you in several directions at the same time? Grab a copy of Lisa Harper’s Overextended and Loving Most of It! I believe you’ll discover that in the midst of the stretch, there’s a beautiful testimony that God is unfolding.

Your Sister Friend,


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