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Mundane to Marvelous

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

The opportunity to combine an ever increasing passion for ministry with advertising and marketing was my dream job. I was already operating in this area on a small scale but, becoming the media director for the outreach arm of our church made it official. And to add a little icing on the cake, the position involved traveling. yes ma’am, I was doing the happy dance

A portion of the job consisted of making sure my pastor‘s preaching materials were packaged to be sold at ministry engagements. Figuring out the logistics was challenging yet exciting until the newest wore off. That’s when the routine and everyday tasks set in.

I became a coordinating, duplicating and shrink wrapping queen. At times the assembly line tasks left my creativity severely dehydrated. sigh

Thoughts like, “This isn’t really what I thought it would be.” took a seat in my mind.

It’s amazing how we ask and even beg God for things and then, once we get what we told God we wanted, start complaining. Lord help us


After the first service, a lady came over to our ministry table. She began sharing some of the challenges she was facing as if we were old friends. What she needed was right in front of us. Her answer was lying inside one of those shrink wrapped packages, I reluctantly labored over weeks prior.

As she walked away, her countenance was different. She had a joy that wasn’t there before. I on the other hand felt a surge of conviction. For weeks I had inwardly complained and had more than a few moments of down right ungratefulness.

But, while I was privately throwing tantrums, God was answering my prayer. I wanted to be His vessel. He was using me. I wanted to encourage His people. He was positioning me to fulfill that desire.

The mundane methods I thought were taking me nowhere were actually converging to form something marvelous.


Do you feel like you’re standing still? Are you pouring your efforts into something that doesn’t seem to yield results?

I’m sure it seemed a little odd for Joshua and the Israelites to march around the Wall of Jericho. I mean who would think that marching, blowing trumpets and shouting would cause a wall to collapse?

But their simple consistent acts of obedience made room for the miraculous. God had a plan for the children of Israel and he has a plan for you. - Jeremiah 33:3

Ecclesiastes 7:8 reminds us that, “The end of a thing is better than the beginning.”

So don’t quit because your circumstances aren’t the way you want them to be.

Sometimes greatness is birthed out of the ordinary.

Your Sister Friend,


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